Baguio, the way it used to be…

You grew up in Baguio if…..

  • You brought your school supplies from CID Educational supplies
  • You brought fabrics from Tiongsan Bazaar (before the old, the new and Harrison aside from Valiran’s, Bhemromull’s, Bombay and Fil-Indian)
  • You brought imported ingredients from D & S Fine Foods
  • You went to Tea House for all delicacies like the pancit, cakes, etc.
  • You went to see movies at Pines or Session Theatre either in orchestra, lounge or the balcony section (without airconditioning)—-(I just have realized that these antique piece of architecture, survived the war, especially Session Theater, but it did’nt survived the mall….)
  • You went to Gold Mine Disco at Hyatt Terraces for night outs (sometime later Spirits became the “in” place)
  • You thought the best Chinese restaurants in town were Rosebowl and Star Cafe (Mt. Peak where Abanao Mall is now located was also good)
  • The only grocery store you remember is Sunshine Grocery, the small one, with wooden flooring..
  • You had your photos developed at Pines or Mountain Studio
  • You remember that Politicians met for cofee is Dainty (Its Sessions Delight now, I think….)
  • You know where to buy the best Sans Rival—Sizzling Plate
  • You buy chiffon b-day cakes at Tesoro’s
  • You know what cooking oil looked liked if not in bottles
  • You remember there was a real tree in the rotunda fronting what is now SM Baguio and the post office (which was cut down to give way to the fountains of the “tiyanaks” and eventually to the concrete pine tree—now called “pine tree ni Hudas”)
  • You remembered that there was a Session Cafe
  • You ate Toasted Siopao from Handaan when it was the craze
  • You enjoyed eating pizza at the old Shakey’s located in the basement of Skyworld (now the haven of ukay-ukay)
  • You had our milk supplied in bottles from the Baguio Dairy Farm
  • You had eaten good food at the slaughter house (like papaitan)
  • You spoke straight and clear english without an annoying collegiala accent
  • You listened to DWHB when it was not yet corny (or in fact it was the only cool FM station playing the latest hits)
  • You ate lunch at Benedict’s
  • Your favorite hotels include the Bayanihan Hotel & Casa Vallejo
  • You spent time hanging out at FRB
  • You ate the best fried chicken at Mother’s
  • You roller skated at John Hay
  • You remembered that Sharon Cuneta’s half brother had a restaurant in Maharlika
  • You brought imported goods either at John Hay Commissary (for those who had “bucks”, the PX goods stores in the market at GP arcade (for the rubber shoes)
  • You studied music in Musar or the Girls’ High School music department
  • You remembered that there was no “great wall of china” between Center and Lab
  • You might be hospitalized in the Notre Dame, the hospital run by sisters
  • Your mom studied at St. Theresa’s boarding school
  • You had friends studying at Marishan or UP High School
  • You felt sad at Pines Hotel burning down (it was always featured in the movies of the 70’s and 80’s)
  • You rode jeep “paradahan” where the Baguio Centermall is now located
  • If you are a Chinese, you were enrolled in Chinese lessons at Patriotic
  • You could hear the voice of Baby De Guzman, a local announcer, emanating from your lolo’s AM radio in the early hours of the morning
  • You used oil lamps back home (some…..)
  • You are/were not awestruck at the sights of artistas or celebrity
  • You didn’t wear the Baguio City Bonnet

One response to “Baguio, the way it used to be…

  1. Hmm, wasnt this in Midland Courier?

    (If you are a Chinese, you were enrolled in Chinese lessons at Patriotic) oh yeah!

    I said Yes to 12 of them ^^ my Dad scored WAY higher

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