“People can’t walk into your stores and browse. It’s easier to simply go to another web page than it is to walk from one store to another.”

A lot of businesses these days take e-marketing for granted. I know a lot of businesses out there, I mean a lot of “big giants” out there who’s not even investing in E-marketing technology.

Like it or not E-marketing always plays a very vital role in unleashing the very potential of your products. You can go from local to global.

The fact is your website doesn’t need to stand out from the rest. I mean you don’t need those flashy website and everything. A simple static site website with lots of useful information will do just fine. The point here is to make your website as a 24-7 promotional tool. Potential customers would consider looking at your website before even considering doing business with you.

Admit it, customers these days are more wiser, they simply look into your company’s reliability by seeing lots and lots of useful info in your site. The idea is to update it regularly, visit it, keep it simple, too many colorful stuffs would make it like a porn site.

Again, your website needs not to be attractive to attract your target market, use your common sense: Once they are there, they’re there, it only means that they have seen your web site and their attention has already been caught.

Here are some tips in E-marketing for small businesses that are dynamic and technologically adaptive, sounds good isn’t it, why not make it yours too…

1. Make sure your website is freely accessed by everyone other than your I.T. consultant.

2. As much as possible avoid flash templates, we are talking of the Philippine market here (and maybe foreign market as well). People don’t want to go your page only to find out that they should download a plug-in to navigate your flashy site, plus your online visitor might have old computers that cannot respond easily. Make it very convenient for all people on earth to see your website.

E marketing is simple, its just a matter of combining management, marketing and of course I.T. to make your brand, the perfect global brand.


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