Recently, I managed to find an old magazine in our house dated “1966”. The papers were fragile and the aroma of old papers is present. As I scanned the pages of these magazines, I tumbled into an ad by Francisco Motors Corporation, which up to this day is still existing – the company that pioneered the “jeepney” phenomenon. I continued reading the captions of the jeep. There was one thing that captured my attention – the prices. I was totally amazed on how much these products were priced, the cheapest jeepney I saw, was priced around Php 6,000 and the most expensive was totaling to only Php 10,000.

Unbelievable!!! Comparing it to our present situation these amounts can only purchase cellphones and some entry level gizmo’s.

I started imagining things that time. I wonder if I was in 1966, what would it feel like to own some of these timeless machines. People in the past may even perceive me as an affluent person, if I could buy around a dozen of these machines, which is eventually true if time machines existed.

I always dream of driving a unique and classical cars like Volkswagen Beetle because in the road I am unique. I am different from the rest. People may even “wow” your car because its the only thing in the world.

Think about it do you really want to drive cars that every people in the block have?, or you too dare to be unique??


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