Just Once


Have you ever heard of the song Just Once? Its introduction goes on something like this: ” I did my best but I guess my wasn’t good enough”…blah blah blah…

Now, when I was taking my inferential statistics class, I remember I don’t like hearing that song. I remember one time, we had this big test on our inferential statistics, even thou I studied, I still failed. It was horrible. Paper’s were distributed from highest to lowest. I can’t remember any more stuff that day but I do remember I was the third to the last.

My other math teacher always told us that we are not inferior, our grades maybe, but we are not as a human creature, now I don’t know what inferior means, guest I’ll go check the dictionary later.

Anyway, like I was saying I don’t if he’s right or wrong, but I’m starting to imagine stuffs. 21 years from now no one would care if I’ve passed this subject or not, no one would care if I had high grades, no one would care how rich I am, no one would care even if I had no awards or something, all that would matter to them is little arks* I’ve left in their hearts

Hey you know what? I’m beginning to see hope in this subject.

*arks – one Act of Random Kindness


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