The story of the two bus

All about self-motivation I learned while riding a bus.

It was a cloudy Sunday morning, the time my father & I together with some of his colleagues traveled down south to do a typical Sunday activity. We boarded an Avenida bound Genesis bus that left at exactly 8am. Then we started transversing Marcos Highway.

Genesis Transport Service (Nissan SR)

On the other hand Victory Liner from Baguio’s PNR compound also left at exactly 8am (or maybe earlier). Our bus coasted along the Marcos Highway in a smooth and relaxed manner. The driver was very cautious (he might probably be thinking of getting his occupants to their destinations, which in my own point of view should be the most important aspect that a bus driver shouldn’t miss). By the time we were in some kind of a bridge, I saw from afar, over the other mountain, of what looks like a Victory Liner bus. I thought that we might not be able to catch up with that bus which is extremely ahead of us by maybe a dozen of kilometer or even more, knowing that our bus is slow, steady and sure. Along the way, things began to change. The Victory bus became nearer and nearer, until we were trailering behind it. Our bus from the start maintained a slow and cautious speed, while Victory buses always seems to be in a hurry like a race car. After some time we finally overtaken the Victory bus.

Victory Liner Inc.

You see this valuable experience my mine can be related to business or maybe even life. Slow and steady wins. It doesn’t mean that if a certain someone is slow it cannot reach its destination. It only means that that this certain someone is very cautious in ones acts. As the famous saying goes. “Slow down and enjoy life, not only you will the scenery, but in going too fast, you too might miss your goal

In everything you do, just relax…… have all the time in the world, trust me you’ll soon get there.


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