Message In a Battle

Recently“Le Entreprende“, the publication division of Young Entrepreneurs Society invited me to write something about motivation, leadership or anything about business. I didn’t have any particular topic in mind so I just based it from my recent achievement: garnering a Quality Person Award.

The article which should be out in the campus goes something like this:


I HAVEN’T BEEN FEELING MYSELF LATELY so I spent three years laughing at Prof. Barnachea’s videos. Thesis papers are due next Tuesday and I’m not expecting any surprises except that I was awarded as a “Quality Person”.
When I looked at the mirror this morning I failed to see someone ordinary. What I saw was a winner, and then I realized “you’re a winner and go out and claim your prize!”
Teacher:  “Hope, can you find the Philippines?”
Hope: Goes to the board and points the Philippines
Teacher; “Very good! now class, who discovered Philippines?”
Class: Hope!!!
Teacher: “Ian! Why are you doing your multiplication table in the floor?”
Ian: “You told me to do it without tables”
Teacher: “What is the most important thing we didn’t have twenty years ago?”
Meyer: “Me”

Niño, my friend (except that he was not one of those Mulachs), met me in Silang Lobby months ago.
Niño: “Hey brow, you have a cool website and blog out there, I‘d give my whole life developing websites as beautiful as you do.” I smiled and said: “I did”

The truth is you don’t have to own 30,000,000 pesos or even a “G” bus just to be rich and influential (ask your favorite bus dispatcher what “G” bus is, I bet he doesn’t know it either). There’s always a lot of ways on how you can measure a man’s wealth. Some say it’s the people around him, some say it’s still the money; you know it’s just a piece of colored paper, the most important things in life aren’t things, get over it.
An Arab national owns an Arabian camel.
Arab: “Hey, my camel can carry two passengers at a time.”
Indian: “That’s nothing! Our Indian elephant can carry ten passengers at a time”
Filipino: “Weh, that’s nothing, our Philippine Rabbit is the only rabbit in the world that can carry 47 people – minimum.

Mr. Busy bee: “I’m a bee can you be my honey?” he’s looking for a honey. So am I. Make yourself more useful, be productive; with thousands of unemployed in the Philippines there should be no shortage for the TV show “Philippine Idle”.

Some weeks ago Mayor Binay begged everyone to turn off their car engines for at least a minute in observance with the global warming, but this only applied to people with cars. So I walked enjoying every bit of scenery, while everyone is riding their fancy cars; they just don’t know what they’re missing. Just walk it slow and you’ll soon get there trust me.

Some books said that if you want to have a winning personality expose yourself to great books and great people, so I surfed the Internet and found out that that Yahoo and Google will tie up  for a new advertising company. The new company name – YOOGLE.

When I arrived at school, black clouds started descending on the land, it started raining weather because of me or the weather itself, but there’s one thing I remembered; bad day isn’t an excuse for you to look bad or feel bad. It should never be.

I started imitating Ian’s (aka Singapore) “mafe time” and spend time with some friends. I invested a hundred bucks and started texting every creature I found in my phonebook. I received a reply from Hope she said: “aww, that’ so sweet of you. It’s been three months since we’ve met, take me somewhere expensive” So I took her to the gas station, eventually that didn’t turned out so well.

Anyway, I found out that senior citizens are valuable. They have silver hair, gold teeth, stones in their kidney and fully loaded with natural gas. So why not listen to them. That’s how to grow personally and professionally. Plus don’t forget the usual “mano po!” instead of the contemporary “mana po!”

I was invited to a cocktail party. According to them we will be having meatball. That’s strange, I’ve never been in a meat ball, only graduation balls, but I’ll wait. Everybody has patience, I learned to use mine.

It’s nice to able to go abroad once in while. According to Mr. Bean, it was so hot that the cows only gave evaporated milk. In fact he even slept with the air conditioner under his pillow. Sometimes staying in a first class hotel can be frustrating since he had to wear coat and tie on the sauna. That is an example of how not to dress. Self respect emanates from within; if you don’t have one then you can’t get it from anyone else.

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That’s it!
I already gave you my Total Quality Principles
Only the wise profit from it. Read it. Heed it.
Comments? Suggestions?

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