A Message to Celeena

C.P. holder only from us & the others...

Celeena, Remember the time I’ve promised you that I’ll be showing you the product that came from Maharlika?

Well, I’ve sensed that you might have seen this product already, but for the purpose of fulfilling my promise here it is.

The product retails mostly at PHP 50.00 -100.00 (if my estimate is correct). I forgot to ask Tita about the price. Well, if you want one. You can always go to Maharlika Livelihood Complex and see me, if you can’t, just visit Cuartelon’s Souvenirs shop at Magnolia Alley (since Maharlika Building has Carnation Alley, Lily Alley…etc. etc. ) and the adjacent shops there.

2 responses to “A Message to Celeena

  1. Nice one mayor!! Yep, I remember this, star ito sa class natin ah, kasama yung mga tamiya mo..hahaha..unique ka talaga kahit kailan.keep it up!

  2. mayor!! GRABE!! NAKALIMUTAN ko na may promise ka pala ah! idol tlga!! kamusta na mayor?? hay!! lam mo b na ikaw inexpect ko mag yes president.. anyway positions arent important.. leadership is the power to influence whether may positon or wala….GO MAYOR

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