Fuji film

The sun’s down, the studio’s about to close, fireworks are lighting up the urban night sky and here I am waiting for the 14 8×10 pictures to be developed at FUJI FILM studio in Session Road.

It would take about 20 min (according to the customer service ladies) to develop the said pictures.

Staying and waiting inside the studio w/o any iPod or gadget in hand has its perks…(tip: I’ve got no CP, no music player and no gadget that time) I stayed in the long plastic bench at the entrance and started observing the outside scenes.

It came to me that the only thing I can see is people walking to and fro in the ever busy Session road. Of course I was only observing girls-beautiful girls. I started wondering why beautiful girls (majority of them) has boyfriends na di naman masyadong hunk, and the hell, they have this hot chick with them, so I’ve concluded that a maybe majority of the girls do really look at the inside of the guy and not the physical appearance itself. Not unlike men, na basta maganda kahit tatanga-tanga ok na/pwede na…what’s up with that huh?

If girls would do chika-chika and ask my GF (where is she?) “gwapo ba siya” probably she has big chance of saying “hhmm..ok lang”. Pero if I were to rate myself I would fall in the 4 – 6 scale over 10. Average! at least im not THICK!. THICK! get it?

Going back to the observations I’ve made; I’ve seen a lot of couples dating (well maybe) sa Session. A lot are holding their hands, some in the waist, and it came to me.. when will my time come to experience such sweet moment? (just asking)

I saw a girl who was wondering at Session, her route was, maybe, SM. From the look of her eyes, she was too, wondering when will her time come (the streets are full of couple and if you hadn’t one, you are outcast type of environment back there). I can tell, guys may not have special gifts like women have, but for sure we boys can tell if a girl needs lovin’ (if boys disagree with me, men I’m glad to be abnormal). I really really really really really wanted to hug and care for that girl from U.C., if I were to rate her, I would give her an impressive 10. A realization came to me….If I will have a wife in the future..I would totally totally care for her..life is short in this lifetime..I may only be given one chance to love someone this lifetime and another in another lifetime, so why not make the most out of it. But then again a realization came to me at the bench..there will be only one girl who I would love to have in that studio bench at that moment…I wish one of these days or in the next and long chapter of my life..i would see her..hopefully..

For now I would be greeting myself Happy Valentines & Kung Hei Fat Choi!


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