Greatest failure

I've been benned from this job. yehey!!

Back when the dinosaurs roam the earth, Accenture (a callcenter) went to SLU to conduct a call center exam to look for new agents and boy, my name was on the list. Students seem to go gaga over these trendy and cool call centers. We received prestigious looking invitations, a lot were attracted, including me.

So I took the test.

My parents were a bit pessimistic about the idea. “Call center? What  crap shit is that?” “can you grow in that area?” I admit that they banned me from taking call center agent as a job, which in my case-I love it! They see call center agents as “zombies”. I don’t know what the history behind the story, but it seems people their age brackets; call these agents as “zombies”.

I took the test, explaining to myself “let’s see where this one leads”

I was just about to read the queries, then another query popped-out, then another, then another, then another, it seems unending popping of these pop-outs. I wish I had the pop-up blocker during those days.

Of all the 20 calls I’ve received, I’ve only satisfied an 8 or a 9, and in those calls, I want to scream: “god- damn-it!, can you pls. stop calling me, I’m not the only agent in the planet, there are others creature out here, in this room!”

The results came and this fat lady approached me and told me “Mr. Meyer, I’m sorry to tell you that you didn’t pass the exam” I happily screamed “Yeesss!” The fat lady was like   o.0    and around one to two persons from my left and from my right looked at me, probably they were shocked as well.

I gracefully (with poise) went out of the room (S-301 floor stuff…) and bid goodbye to the shocked crew.

Lessons learned: The verdict
Call center may be a lucrative job, but is it rewarding? You may be enjoying your life now (because of too much cash) but wait till you grow old. You’ll see the effect of unhealthy lifestyles. Admit it, your body can’t always be “18”.


One response to “Greatest failure

  1. Ok, what the hell’s wrong with me when I created this post?
    I didn’t get crazy when I applied at a call center. Training was a great success. Wave mates are all awesome, including this guy named Jacob…(ird)..the bird guy.

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