Braces Braces Braces

you gotta love braces :)

Hah! I found it! I found the damn Rx sheet that was given to me four years ago. I was subject to go visit my dentist.
The reason: “go get braces or probably retainers”.

Who needs those anyway, my teeth are not one-seat-apart or fill-in-the-blanks type. It’s absolutely in perfect shape…or maybe that’s what I think.

You see, I lost that form way back and forgot all about the incident. I never knew I had such recommendations, until I found the lost scrolls of the dentist. Great! now I found another stuff that would eat cash.

Some of my college crushes (not all of them and not in high school) has one thing common–braces/retainers. I never knew Betty La Fea was far more gorgeous in real life than in TV.

So after inquiring some folks about how much and how does it feel to have these braces/retainers. I was relieved (that it’s fine using it), however my pocket was not- it’s complaining. Some pointed out that one brace (not retainers) can cost me the same amount as my college tuition fee. OMG! Is it really that expensive to have those stuff? Can I just pull one of those metal stuff attached in my teeth if I need to pay gas for my car? That’s metal right? If it gets rusty can I just sell it to a junkyard? or maybe the tooth fairy would offer me a much higher price?

Yahoo! once featured that people who has some sort of misalignment in their teeth are great kissers. Now I admit I had that recommendation.


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