Bagong Pilipinas (signs)

Noynoy-Aquino-time-magazine-coverIn behalf of my company, my team and my associates, I, Meyer would like to congratulate the new Philippine president Mr. Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” CojuangcoAquino III (I know he can’t read this, but I can dream).

I’m blogging based on WHAT I SAW and EXPERIENCED today.

For the next six years your boss will be the people, so am I.
I believe in the government and I will ever do.

Bagong Pilipinas…
Fair weather…
Festive environment…

These are but signs…signs that can bring our nation to a whole new era.

Let us begin with the signs:

1.) The weather

  • I mean, what the hell happened to the incoming weather disturbance? It went away, that’s right, it gave way for the president’s inauguration. The weather was fair. Not too dark, not too sunny. The fact that, it was even drizzling hours before the inauguration. It didn’t rain at the exact time nor during the inauguration. Before the inauguration, it was still president GMA’s regime, after 12:30 pm it was already Noynoy’s term, from then on till today, at exactly 7:09 pm it didn’t rain. The weather gave opportunity for the people to enjoy the day’s event without any hassle. Now, you don’t get that normally.

2.) Time

  • Normally, Filipino time is always late for about an hour or more. Today, it was totally different. President Aquino was early; virtually changing every piece of crap Filipino’s accustomed to. I hope, and I’m crossing my fingers, that Filipinos too, would be early. Like Cebu Pacific, let’s be “The New Filipino Time”.

3.) Mood

  • Did you felt it too? I felt it! and I’m lucky to feel it. Hope has finally arrived. I can say it–I can feel it and I can definitely smell it. Traditionally speaking, the inauguration would have been formal (but that’s crap, since the mood would be dead serious) but the other way around happened, something inevitable, something unexpected. The mood, as I felt it, was festive, it’s as if we Filipino’s have won too. People waving, people with the “L” gestures waved their hands, the burst of energy was just overwhelming. I don’t know if you realized that, but I did.

4.) Doves

  • Doves are symbol for peace. Doves were released in the Quirino Grand Stand. Peace is now in the Philippines.

Other facts:

  • 400k-500k attended the said inauguration. I bet they just don’t know how to count. From my own perception it was a million. Video footages showed it was close to millions, not just 400k nor 500k.
  • BAGONG PILIPINAS (Musical Ensemble) This song was powerful. It moved the minds of the masses. It touched the lives of everyone else. For the first time in the Philippines, TV networks didn’t see each other competing for news feeds, but rather uniting for news feed. You don’t get that on a regular basis–its extremely rare.

More than 85 countries sent in their representatives to witness the said event. It’s been live in CNN for a day. Using Yahoo, Twitter, and Facebook, I was surprised that the topic trending was “President Benigno Aquino III”

Yahoo screen shot

Yahoo screenshot

Twitter screenshot

Twitter screenshot

This would all boil down to good entrance = good regime. Filipinos are superstitious, even more superstitious than the Chinese. The mass though of HOPE would bring the Philippines into a new and clean Philippines.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!


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