Musical Theme

Now, if I were to describe myself as a musical piece, then this would be me. You’ll be the judge.

Meyer’s Musical score entitled “First In Class” represents the brand’s image. Dedicated to growth, Committed to excellence.

Dynamic and moving, “First In Class” is the music that beats in the heart of every successful endeavor. Short, sweet, and to the point, this piece is a stirring and emotionally inspiring musical score

Commissioned by Meyers-Ingersoll Media Philippines for its “Sense Advancement” campaign is an original composition of Ryan Acona.

Ryan and Meyer partnered and worked across time zones to deliver the musical insignia to Meyers-Ingersoll Philippines.

Ryan is a musical composer based in New Hampshire, USA with over a decade of digital music landscape expertise and has worked with many multinational companies across the globe.

With special participation of some Google software engineers.

© 2012 all rights reserved. Licensed and performed for Meyers-Ingersoll Philippines.


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