Bye PDI-digital

For the past two months, I subscribed myself to Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Digital Newspaper where I was charged $9.95 each month (roughly around Php 450.00). It does not take a science genius to figure out that it’s more beneficial to the pocket and the environment. It’s way cheaper and no trees are harmed in producing it. This is what I like best about PDI’s digital newspaper: it’s the exact copy of the newspaper sold on the news stands, you just need to uhm “swoosh” it (how do call that gesture?) then it moves to the next page like a real newspaper; and best of all my space would be clutter free.

Officially today, I decided to control my life and never again will I let media control the feeling I should be feeling. Worries and false beliefs has been, most of the time, controlled by media. I’ll save my $9.95 for food maybe.

From this day on, no more news for me. I will only take news insights that can make me grow both personally and professionally.

The Digital Inquirer’s Interface

Billing page:


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