Bye Smart, hello Lola

2012 was a year where I ended my service contract with some of my old school technology partners. Webhost, email provider and most especially my broadband provider.

Since January 2010, I was friends with Smart Bro 999, but then after my 24 month contract expired. My friend started giving up with me. My buddy started to become slow and it became truly unreliable. Usually that only happens when there’s a typhoon then it became frequent. I was so pissed that I cant even send a 200kb email.

Searching far and wide, I opted to go to Lola techie instead (since their sister company Sky Cable is not within our DSL coverage area). Indeed, within five days, I’m with Lola techie. Speed is constant and I do get around 1.1mbps peak or non-peak hours.

Let’s see what’s Lola Techie’s up to:

Being said that it’s only Php 899.00. I opted for a better plan. Mine starts at Php 1399.00 and lo!, here’s my first statement.


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