INSIDE: Malacañang Palace

The day finally came. Last night (March 18, 2012) I’ve watched it, and I was so impressed. You don’t get a Commander in Chief stopping on a red light, even thou he has a privilege not to do so. That’s something we Filipinos should be proud of. Thank you for the documentary team who created this.

To be honest with, I kinda cried last night after I wasn’t able to see the exact premier (9:00 pm PST). My dad is watching his “basketball” game duh! I wish to be one of the 40 Million Filipinos who will have a first glimpse of the country’s seat of power. I ended up watching watching a re-run at 12:00 am (March 19, 2012 – Monday). When it comes to shows like these, I definitely would want to be the first.

I enjoyed watching Inside: White House and Inside: Air Force One, but  nothing made me more excited about Inside: Malacanang Presidential Palace.

Oh by the way, here’s the link to the our Commander-in-Chief’s speech on this.


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