Best practices (Good Karma)

This is a story of how a Php 20.00 turned out to $100.00 in about work six hours.


To cut the long story short — the end!

haha; just messing around….

Let’s be serious:

I do believe in good karma and bad karma. You see karma returns a hundred folds either bad or good and you can never escape this universal law also called as Universal Law of Compensation as written on mystic books.

As I left the call center scene, Coach Moi, one of my call quality supervisor saw me seating on bench at the company’s garden. He was having his launch sorry.. lunch and started asking me about my plans on what am I gonna do now that I’ve left my job as a financial consultant. I told him my plans of studying on some graduate school (are they really necessary?). Then comes the good part.

A Kia Pride taxi dropped of a passenger in front of the call center entrance, then as the taxi was about to depart the inevitable happened-it stalled. Good thing thou, he was on the company’s ground and no one would approach him saying: “hey! you’re blocking the way move it!” We just sat there quietly while I’m telling him the story about me and my dad suffering the same fate when our car stalled in front of Skyworld-Session.

Going forward, taxi drivers alike just passed by this helpless guy, I can’t help him because I’m processing my exit clearance and coach? well he’s eating…

A Revo taxi came in, also dropped some passengers, then helped this poor guy. In just a few, miracle happened, the car started like a magic. Then my coach also told me: “it’s like car does have a mind of its own”. The two guys were able to leave the office’s ground in about twenty minutes from the time the car gave up on the driver.

That taxi driver (from the Revo taxi) is actually planting a good karma, which he will harvest soon.

I remember I was about to go to work, then there’s no jeep, so I opted to ride the 20-20 taxi* then I sat beside this lady with my friend Josh. The fare was just cheap, but the lady does not seem to have any loose change. All she had was a Php 1000.00 bill, she asked the cab driver if she has change, but the cab driver was just rude; told her there’s none. For the entire duration of the trip, which was about 20 minutes she was desperately looking for some loose change in her bag, hoping to find one but to no avail. Then when we arrived near our office, the patented “Meyer instinct” kicked in, I told the driver: “Manong I’ll take care of her fare (of course I told that to the driver in Tagalog) the driver was happy, but there is no one happier other than the lady whom I paid for. She was very very thankful. I did that at the end of the trip, so she could not verify my identity. Josh my friend, saw how beautiful she was, he was telling me: “Man that was a chick, go get her no..quick! quick!” and just like that taxi left, I was also unable to verify the identity of the said “chick”.

Few hours after I took care of her fare, at around 2:00 am (Good Friday of April 2011) the coaches had a call listening. And I am one of the proud winners of a $100.00 good call and that was just a 3 minute call which worth $100.00.

Everybody congratulated me. News even came to those team mates of mine who had already left the company.

That Php 20.00 I tell you, turned out to be a $100.00 (Php 4000 plus). And I got that just by paying a stranger’s fare.

Karma really works. So let’s plant more!

I’ll share you a really cool video, but before you view it promise me that you’ll share it. So, go check it out.


*20-20 taxi: It’s the time of the day when taxi cabs are being made as a substitute for jeepney. A fare of Php 20.00 will be charged for each passenger compared to the standard jeepney fare which is Php 11.25.


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