Friends from higher places

Now that I’m no longer in the call center industry, I had a chance to recall the wholesome people of my life. I call them “friends from higher place”.

Let’s do a round down:

01. Dana Della-Santos

I can remember she was my school batch mate and also my elementary classmate. Yes, she’s gorgeous and has the height of model. One of her characteristics that made her really gorgeous when we were in elementary was her baby fats.

I never heard of her when we were in High School, until one day I saw her as the face of U.B. (University of Baguio). Recently, I found out that she was already married. Boy, that guy’s lucky.

Univerisity of Baguio site

02. Karen Kelly Diaz

Well, she was also one of my classmate in Accounting 102 way back college. She sat behind me (it was actually my second time to take that subject). Since this Accounting 102 is horribly hard (I passed it after three attempts), we helped each other. Me and my seatmates were copying answers from her; and since its my second take as well, I recall solving some problems, then they also copied answers from me.

It’s a good college memory I still remember up to this day, and if you tell me you hadn’t had a chance to uh, copy answers from your seatmates, well you gotta be Bullshitting me.

Karen Kelly

03. Ingrid Payaket

We’re not really classmates, we’re just school mates. And I’m lucky to be in the school where she first started her education. Believe me or not, I had a first glimpse of her when she was already auditioning for the Pilipinas got Talent, and I remember that I know this girl from somewhere.

So I helped in promotiong her in Facebook (it’s the least I can do). It was also a great timing to be her fan and to be  her friend. During that time, SLU-University Research Grant was also conducting a research about Cordilleran cultural heritage ; so I sent her an email describing how good was it to be with her “Kaka-ilyan”.

Ingrid Payaket

04. Anne Marie Liddicoat (Special thanks to: Gerald Criste)

This half Pinay half British beauty was one of my favorite encounters. We were classmates in History II way back college. I can still remember how gorgeous she really was and that every guy’s jaw would drop when they see her.

It’s just a nice thing to note that we were seatmates and that she was always asking me what happened, what’s up with the lectures, or if she did miss anything.

Anyway, I tried getting up close with her and I discovered that her birthday comes a day before mine and I think we were of the same age, not sure thou (wow! what a coincidence). And also she also mentioned that she was a commercial model in one of the products that ABS-CBN RNG is advertising. She asked me to watch it, and so I did. It was a “LIKE” for me. We were also friends in friendster, but then the site disappeared along with our great online connection.

Anne Liddicoat

05. Vernon Hanwell

The first time I had a glimpse of this Am-boy was when I was in my first year high school.

We had an orientation in the new Boyshigh facility at Navy Base. Most of the faces were familiar to me that time since majority of them was my elementary batch mates. I tell you this guy is irresistible; if we only had girls during our high school, man he’s gonna be a ladies man overnight. College passed and I never heard of him as well, then one day I saw him in Baguio Midland Courier as one of the faces of Pines City Colleges along with this good-looking foreign lady. To this this date, we’re still friends in Facebook.

Vernon on Pines City

06. Paulo Avelino

Certainly one of my favorite “recent discoveries” this 2012. I just heard of him when friends of mine began talking about him. I overheard the story and I was able to recognize the name Paulo Avelino.

The story dates back in early 2005 when I had him as a classmate on my first year first semester college days. If my memory serves me right, he was my classmate in Management 1 and he was always being paired with Vania Crisologo, also one of the most gorgeous ladies I met in college. He was often absent during that time (since I think he as pursuing his career with a TV Network). I even saw him inside a bus while watching S.O.P. (a Sunday TV Program) and I said: “Hey, I know that guy” then the bus conductor was like: “di nga ser?!”.

When I left the call center industry I started to see him on ABS-CBN more often.

Paulo Avelino

07. Second cousin (Jerico Placido)

It’s been like two years and growing since they tied the knot. I still want to congratulate my second cousin for their wedding. I wasn’t able to attend their wedding, that’s why I’m just sending my warmest wishes to them.

I remember her mom usually supplies us with Funny Comics way back when I still in elementary since they also own a news stand in Maharlika. Then later on that’s also the place where I usually get my supply of Cruising Magazine.

Video note from videographers:

Dicovery Shores Boracay
Photographer : Jill Lejano; Melo Balingit; Chito Cleofas
Coordinator: Amanda Tirol
Songs Used : 1st song – White Dress by Ben Rector,
2nd song – You and I by Wilco
3rd song – Moving Backwards by Ben Rector

People say true love comes in all shapes and sizes. Love grows unexpectedly and love is proven unconditionally. What we have witnessed in one of our most recent weddings, is really what we consider true love. Love from from friends and love from Jerico and Marizel to one another. Pure bliss from start to end. And speaking of love, we truly loved the first part of Tuesday’s vows, it showed her real comic and funny personality even on her special day are some excerpts ” Coy, Nais kong magpasalamat sa maraming beses mong pagsagip sa buhay ko mula sa bangin…Kahit ano pa mang mangyari..dumami man ang ampon nating pusa..Malaos man tayo na d mangyayari kasi d pa naman tayo sikat…Haharapin natin ang lahat ng yan na magkasama at magkahawak kamay.. “.

Some notes:

Well, there you go. Those were my celebrity encounters, I’m not really close to them, I’m not even sure if they can still remember me with all of those good stuff that they have right now. Here’s one thing for sure, my “close encounters” is certainly a great experience with them in it.

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