Diary of Mr. Theme day

Note: Since this is a Balik-tanaw, balik-saya call center edition type of post, I’ll do it in english orayt!?

I’ll surely miss the:

  • tut tut sound
  • coaching & barbars (no more learnings for me as well)
  • Avaya & tuuutt..oops there’s a call
  • Iris, KC Portal and COU (man, I tell you I’ve got a lot of pictures there and I’m live globally)
  • Opening and closing spiel: “Thank you for calling” & “Is there anything else”?
  • Supcalls (from hard-headed customers)
  • Meetings (15 mins & 1 hr editions)
  • Yakisoba and Ate and kuya at fishtank
  • Carinos
  • THEME DAYS! oooh lala!
  • Some supervisors and most specially agents that changed my life
  • my DELL mouse and my DELL station and my DELL, oh that’s my phone name
  • my station (on every station I stayed. I always see to it that I leave good vibes (specially if I transfer stations)
  • the voice of transferring agents from payments, commendations from customers (the secret ones) and voice of irate customers
  • company cat (yeah, there’s a lot near Fishtank)
  • orange and gray colors
  • all my babes from FDC, Capone, St. Joseph and Site 3
  • my Maxicard
  • my well-preserved headset
  • the vending machine from Innovend
  • the large Samsung LCD TV’s
  • getting dizzy while travelling via Loakan.
  • my violet locker (B57)
  • my state of being a vampire
  • getting chocolates
  • smell of cigars and coffee
  • downtime
  • expiring passwords
  • heavy glass door
  • the fu*kng cold AC (sometimes)
  • using my Samsung tumbler
  • the open times, clover, diamond, spoon & fork, coffee and folders.
  • SP and Aux 8

The many faces of Meyer in Baguio II:

  1. Cupid
  2. Panda
  3. Walt Disney wizard (which eventually turned out to be Enchanted Kingdom’s mascot)
  4. Al Capone
  5. Classic basketball player
  6. 70’s guy
  7. Pirate
  8. Dorky student
  9. CEO
  10. Francisco Balagtas
  11. Chuck [mal] Noriss
  12. Elvis (black0
  13. Dork chest chess player
  14. Vladimir (the vampire)
  15. Dork Graduate
  16. Beach boy

63 FACTS about Meyer:

  1. My picture is almost everywhere in Baguio II (payments area, Hallway, KC portal)
  2. Tools I use: Softphone, calculator, tools and notepad
  3. Every station I deal with is like the movie: Taming your dragon. First calls are challenging, then at the later part it’s smooth and all good baby.
  4. Of the 250 COU’s, I only had one overdue learning, that’s a fact.
  5. 99.98% – that’s my reliability rate.
  6. Jim is the name for payments, Dell for core plus.
  7. I have a lot of freebies in one single good call, sometimes it’s a small chocolate. Sometimes it’s a gift certificate. Sometimes it’s a big chocolate and sometimes it’s a chocolate drink.
  8. Our office curtain is made of tarpaulin.
  9. I love the gorgeous pharmacists at St. Joseph, most specially little girl and the other one. I tell you this lady is kinda different.
  10. The word “man-in” is another challenge. Makes me say, oh boy, let’s put that problem to rest.
  11. There’s mumu at the sleeping quarters for the ladies.
  12. Dream TV is our cable provider.
  13. Microwave oven: best friend of those who bring their lunch at work.
  14. ODB: an eating place of those who has the patience of an angel (ang layo). I’m lazy that’s I rely on Fishtank.
  15. Smoking: Favorite past time of agents on a 15 min break.
  16. LCD TV is our blackboard together with their ancient best friend-the whiteboard.
  17. Gulaman: my lunch drink at Fishtank
  18. I’m ECCA (extended contact center agent). And I don’t know why extended, maybe because at the end of each shift, I’m always extended. Well, I tell you that’s what you call extra mile.
  19. We had a white X’mas last 2011.
  20. Counter strike, Dota and Warcraft are the available online games. Oh did I mention I loved the Plants vs Zombies, but it’s damn deleted.
  21. Billiards and karaoke if its offline entertainment (ideal if you wanna get physical).
  22. Although I’m not the youngest they call me “bunso”.
  23. Peanut, squash, Mallungay and Utong are the most unforgettable words I will remember in our team.
  24. Route 66: our pantry’s theme. Aquarium at fishtank.
  25. Maxicare is our insurance; Comes with free vitamins.
  26. We’re certified agents, certified by our certifiers.
  27. Aquarium, Boardroom, Waroom are some of the rooms we have in the site. We also have comfort room and bedroom in which there’s a mumu.
  28. We have a wide 1st floor and a 2nd floor. Other accounts have some square meters.
  29. Smoking and drinking are the common vices.
  30. Our carpet is color gray. Our walls are orange and gray.
  31. We are using an executive chair while taking in calls (well close enough-50%).
  32. Alikabok: hidden tenants of our keyboard at the site.
  33. Siomai, carbonara, pancit and spagetti are the usual food I buy.
  34. I often have incentives and leaves (mandatory leaves).
  35. But I never won in any good call when I was promoted as Core Agent.
  36. I also won a $100 for a job well done. Drawback: comes with 20 someting percent tax.
  37. I had observed that our site florescent light is faint orange.
  38. There are agents that whisper over the phone, but there are also agents who speaks like a megaphone. Poor customer. I think these customers need to visit their ear doctor afterwards.
  39. I’m visiting the clinic, not because I’m sick. I go there to tell them: “Pengeng free vitamins”.
  40. No matter what I do, I always get dizzy transversing that Loakan Road.
  41. At nighttime , taxi cabs becomes a jeep. Only 20-20.
  42. After training, my first experience was on a closing shift (3am-12pm) then became mid-shift (10 something, 11 something yada yada). Then when I was promoted as core plus agent I stayed in the opening shift (6pm-3am).
  43. Sometimes, it takes 10 years for you to surf the internet at the pantry. It’s what we get for having it free.
  44. We had unlimited supply of paper towel, cofee, water, Milo, hot choco, stress and of course eye bags (if you’re not getting enough beauty rest). I also bring some home, then afterwards I realized: “what the hell do I do with these?”. And about the eye bags, be proud of it, pinagpuyatan mo yan eh.
  45. there’s a lot that empathized with me (when they heard I’m leaving). Some are even strangers, but thank you stranger. You should have offered me tissue or your hankie.
  46. My longest call is 1hr & 38 mins. Payment over the phone with an Arab caller. No other issues aside from making a payment. I don’t remember what we did during that time. I think we ate milk and cookies
  47. Shortest is merchant verification: 58 secs.
  48. “Am I speaking to a male or female?” Common questions I had from my customer.
  49. There are some pervert callers, most of them are men. I never got any share of those kinds of calls. Not men callers, but female callers.
  50. If you see rats in your schedule, be happy, but be sad on payday.
  51. My favorite days in the call center: day-off and payday. 🙂
  52. There’s no delays during payday. 100% reliability. But sometimes you get pissed that it’s so early and the next payday is still 50 miles away.
  53. PHP 2800.00: Unused GC’s that I was able to accumulate for participating during the themedays.
  54. I’m a hall-of-famer at the call center. That is mr. theme day (according to some). Been Alcapone, been a dork twice, been a cupid, vampire, mama panda, pirate, CEO, Santa’s elf, Chuck (mal)Norris, basketball player (make that bench warmer), retro guy, Francisco Balagtas (with golden bush as head accessory) and Merlin the Microsft office wizard (oh, make that the mascot of Enchanted Kingdom, according to them I looked more like that guy)
  55. I’m the personal secret vault of a lot of agents (mostly girls). I don’t know why, but that just the way it is.
  56. I had an accident in one call, where instead of clicking hold, I clicked drop. After 3 seconds of buffering I realized: WTF! did I do? Well sometimes sh*t happens.
  57. Sometimes customers think that you are Superman or Wonder woman. What they want, they want, even though its super impossible. Like they get irate coz’ you can’t help them make cash withdrawal but the card issued is still on it’s way.
  58. Drop call and ghost call are my favorite calls. haha
  59. Americans sometimes thinks that I’m an American (weh?). Some thinks I’m an Indian, but nothing beats Filipinos, they really can sense that Im a Filipino speaking English.
  60. Call center is pretty much like school. All you gotta do is keep your grades (metrics) on the passing mark for you not to be kicked-out or enrolled for remediation.
  61. I always had a hard time figuring out why I’m happy everyday at work, although I already wanted to resign.
  62. I remember before, girl named Friz (a really hot girl) did a lap dance when I seated in front of hear, I was shocked. All the boys on the production floor who witnessed it were also shocked and were so envious. (well, lucky me!)
  63. A lot of agents and supervisors already introduced me to girls (boys? eww!) to, uh, maybe court them, but I was just like: -,-

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