Celebrating U.S. Card Testimonials

After rendering exactly 5340.20 hours of contact center phone time (excluding one hour lunches and 15 minute breaks), here are the following personal testimonials (most of them was never escalated to my supervisor) I’ve gathered from Americans as well as other foreign customers:

Commendation Call*
She was very kind
She was very patient
She should get a gold star
– J.M. Friedson

The usual ones:

Thank you Dell, I’m glad I got hold of you.
– J.C. Albert, Doylestown, PA

I hope all the person I deal with is like you. You really helped me a lot. You’re a wonderful man (well at least she knows I’m a guy) R. Brousseau

Thank you for your kindness D. Arroyo, Alta Monte Springs, FL

Yes you are fantastic! You are a rockstar. You, and the one before you are excellent.
– D.C. Bussey, Brighton, MI

You did great! I like the way you assisted me. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.
– A.S. Anopatching, NJ

You’re great. You’re very nice and professional.
– G.M. Sayer, N. Palm Beach, FL

Definitely I would love to talk to your supervisor & I would recommend you (Lol. for what?). If the world has someone like you, definitely the business would be going well.
– C. Adiapong Kelly

You’ve got the patience of a saint. I thank you. (No, thank you)
– C. Bennet

You know what, you’ve made somebody happy today. I feel better already.
– J. Arder, Annapolis, MD

You were very pleasant! – J. Hudson, Baltimore, MD

You are a very polite lady (lady?). You did exactly what I want – M.A. Tanagho, Garden Groove, CA

You have been so kind to me.
– R. Hoops (78 years old) Bluefields, WV

You’re very nice to work with, I like that.
– A. Lee, Royal Oak, MI

I like working with you, I hope I can get you next time, you’re so nice. (I wish you can get somebody greater than me). – Steven Archuleta, Chatsworth, GA

I love you getting things done ’cause your competent and you know what you’re talking about.
You are an executer and you resolved my issue in just 15 minutes and nobody ever did that. Tell your boss that they need to train their people to be like you. Can I ask for you next time? (You’re very welcome indeed. That’s what you get for being a valued customer).  – M.L. Benton, Lewis Ave, OK

You have been the nicest gentleman to me. Thank you for the process. Trust me, you’ve been a big big help. – J. Wilson, Houston, TX

You sound so kind. You sound like your from Minessota where I’m from.
– S.C. Egan, Gilory, CA

You were so nice and kind, thank you for helping me out – L. Timmons

You speak very good english. (o_0?) – P.V. Andrews

You took off a great load from my back, I appreciate you for ding that. – C. Bernard, Forth worth, TX

You’re the first and the best outsourcing rep that I’ve ever encountered in years; mark that! Thank you very much for your service. (speechless o.0)
– C.A. Reed

Thank you for being so kind, you’re not charging me for this right? – M. Haney

Excellent job, She did a good job! (Did I heard She??) – D. Halgreen, Elk River, MN (05.07.11 @ 2:45 am)

You were an angel, thanks for being a person.

Well, you’ve made my day!
You’re so nice. I bet you’re with everyone. I appreciate your so kind to me.

The hilarious ones:

I spoke to a little girl named Jim who processed my payment.
– Customer Satisfaction survey verbatim

Cu:  Jim your name is Jim, is that a lady’s name? wait are you a male or a female?
Cu:  Jim, you’re a girl?
Me:  Oh yes that’s correct! Its short for Jaime
Cu:   lol
 P.J. Vande-vyder

Are you a male or a female? I just wanna make sure I’m talking to the right gender
– A. George, Bronx, NY

Your name is Jim? are you a male or a female?
Interesting! I’ve never heard of that for a long time
I’ve spoken to someone named Gay, actually he’s a guy. Any way, what I’m calling about is….
– J. June

I’m sorry Jim, you’re a young lady, I should’ve called you miss Jim

Are you a boy or a girl? (upon knowing I’m a man, caller dropped the call & never spoke to me again)
– F. Salumn

The bloopers:

Me: Is there anything else I can do for you?
Caller version 1: You can give me the winning combination of the powerball?
Caller version 2: nope, unless you wanna help me pay-off my debts. (laughs)
Caller version 3: not I can think of, unless you wanna pay for my airline ticket.
Caller version 4: Always remember, Jesus loves you.

Me: can I have your first and last name please?
Caller: Responded with first name…
Me: Can I also have your last name please?
Caller: sure only if you marry me! (speechless o.0)

Ok, I also encountered a couple speaking with me, they were both old people. They started arguing with each other figuring out what gender they were speaking to. Call dropped with the two of them still arguing about my gender. WTF!


* caller insisted to be transferred to a supervisor. It’s the only one I had actually (I mean commendation with the clapping and everything you know). And for the love of God, it’s SHE!


Oh and before you leave, here’s and small video clip I was able to dig into. And you might as well wanna drop off Friendster testimonials.


  • CH – Cardholder
  • PCG – Payments Containment Group (usually production floor supervisors).

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