Meyer’s secret war

Before I ended as a theme day guy, I was fighting on a secret war.

History prefers legends as to men…
Soaring speeches to quiet deeds…
One contact center remembers me before I was hailed “theme day” guy…
And it also remembered the costumes I had.

I can relate to this one. That’s why when I’m in “Man-In” (short for manual in or our cue to be on the phone). I put the problem to rest – bigtime!
As we all know, at the end of the day, it’s not the metric-figures that you’ll give the company (the call center company) that’s gonna matter, it’s the great customer experience that customer will remember because you made that happen for them.

For the record, when were you able to help an elderly? I did help these folks. You see, this is why foreign callers (specially elderly Americans) loved me before. I make stuff simple for them. I get commended secretly. Here’s my testimonials.

And then I was fighting to win the hearts and trust of clients for the companies I work for. It’s kinda tough but at the end of the day journey was rewarding

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