The joy of a lifetime experience (2 of 3)

P.S. Please turn up the volume of your speaker or headset since the video’s audio is quite faint.

I also had my time in TV but it was just for brief moment. As you can see, we are turning over the photos that we have documented to the Saint Louis University Museum for their keep sake.

We have been working on a research paper way back in 2010 about the willingness to pay of the locales to preserve their cultural heritages.

So aside from the photo turn-over event we also launched our Facebook Page:

Presenting the Igorots

The TV Patrol News Coverage for the Heritage Team’s Photo turnover and website launching.

Saint Louis University University Research Grant
Lead Researcher: Dr. Gladys Navarro
Co-researcher: Ms. Dorothy Joy Ireneo
Photographer: Fitzmurphy Quintin
Videographer/Technical: Vilmor Dipidip & Aldreen Dumasig
Shot locations: Sagada, Bontoc, Kabayan and Bokod
Disclosure: This content does not fall within a category of online programming that currently requires captions under FCC (Federal Communications Commission) regulations. Link from ABS-CBN RNG Network site has been deleted resulting to a video upload owned by Aldreen Dumasig. Therefore any copyright infringement is not intended to be committed when the video has been uploaded.


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