MOVIE: Book of Eli (2010)


Solara: Do you remember what it was like? I mean in the world before?

Eli: Yeah!

Solara: Well what was it like?

Eli: People had more than they needed. We had no idea what was precious; what wasn’t. We threw away things, people kill each other for and while….

Three years after the movie had been released, God finally gave me the opportunity to watch this without any interruption; and in HD.

Although the movie has an “R” rating it’s still a must watch for all mature audience including Christians.

I think this is the only movie that all religions would agree to whether it’s the Catholic church, protestant church or what not… that protecting the word of God is one of the most important mission we should accomplish in our lifetime.

The movie does not cross the border of religious differences. Sometimes religions itself are the cause of atheists. Instead of unity their different religious beliefs discourages a confused soul of an atheists.

Going back to the movie, if this really happened would you think there’s still flies around to decompose the dead body of the travelers murdered by the bikers looking for books? And where do you think the good guys at Alcatraz get their food? They all look clean and well fed. Interesting right?

Still I am lucky that I get to study the word of God two times a week. A lot of you may say that you don’t have time to study the word of God! Well, that’s bullshit. Make time!

Let me refresh your memory with the scene where I almost told Eli: High five mate! 1

Solara: You know, you say you’ve been walking for 30 years right?

ELI: right!

Solara: Have you ever thought that you maybe you are lost?

ELI: Nope!

Solara: But how do you know that you’re walking in the right direction?

ELI: I walk by faith, not by sight

Solara: What does that mean?

ELI: It means, you know something even if you don’t know something

Solara: That doesn’t make any sense.

ELI: It’s faith, it’s faith… it’s the flower of life and fills the darkness that gives me the strength to carry on, understand?

1 Scene 1:12:16 on a Blue ray DVD not really sure if it’s the same for you.


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