Who the hell is AdRev?

The Damage

“My words and my ideas are my property, and I’ll keep and protect them as surely as I do my stable of unicorns.”
― Jarod KintzThis Book is Not for Sale

A few weeks ago an advertising company, a.k.a. a YouTube monetizing company who call themselves “AdRev” claimed ownership on two of my monetized videos. Both the SD and HD video had a copyright strike in YouTube.

Since the video contained 100% original content “amateurly” made by yours truly (the audio has been even been exclusively licensed to me)  I submitted a dispute and I won. (I blurred my dispute statement since it contains some trade secrets).

YouTube Dispute Preview

The company AdRev was given until August 02, 2013 to give a statement about my dispute. But then they dropped the content claim and they just disappeared making my video available for monetizing. Seriously, if that pursued I’m willing to sue that company and claim compensations appropriate to the damages they brought to me and my attorneys.

I tell you the truth, that company will commit suicide when they’ll charge my ship. The captain of this ship contains a lot of armaments to sink their fucking boat. Think of my ship as an ugly (but fully-loaded) battleship while theirs is a luxury yacht.

YouTube Dispute Preview

Enemy Spotted!

  • AdRev is possibly a small company that tries to be big. They’re just a company who legally steals content and revenue from small YouTube content creators like you and me.
  • Their website does not even contains the full information on their company. How does that make them legit? Yes, they may have big partners with big names but that doesn’t mean they are already legit.
  • Their YouTube account also proves something: “This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, gaming, misleading content, or other Terms of Service violations.” Interesting, I wonder  how a “trusted” company commits such a stupid mistake in managing their brand.
  • Usually (according to some forums),  they claim ownership of an audio or video file; As for me, it was both.

Battle Plan:

  • Try searching the internet first and key in: “AdRev for a 3rd party” since there might be a new battleplan to take down is stalker.
  • If you find yourself being harassed by this company, understand that suing them (hopefully it doesn’t get there) is a piece of cake. Provided of course that you have all the legal licenses to back your claim like audio licenses and or original video footage or photos (preferably with EXIF data on it), if that was a slideshow.
  • You can say all sort of stuff via their contact page. You can curse them, threaten them, send them spam etc. It’s up to you. Imagination is the your only limit.
  • Usually they drop, the claim after a few days; Meaning your video is back to your ownership and just monetize them again in case it has been disabled by YouTube.
  • If you won this battle, I’m not sure how the strike would affect your YouTube account in the present and the future, as of now for me my YouTube Verified partner status below is still showing “Good”.

YouTube standing

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