PROJECT NOAH and friends… with benefit

Pag-Asa’s Project Noah (Scientific name: Department Of Science Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazard — who the fuck wants to remember that long name?) is absolutely the best tool 1 that the Philippine Government deployed in recent years.

It saves lives by providing real time weather readings, accurate probability of rain and four day weather outlooks. It’s not only masses that are benefiting from it, I also benefit from it — and I mean heavily benefit from it.

What I do is check PAG-ASA’s website upon waking up, compare the data with Japan’s Meteorological Agency then cross reference it even further with Project Noah then I make “weathery” decisions. If you think that sounds very complex, you’re wrong buddy, all of it takes just under five minutes 2.

01. Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical & Astronomical Services Administration


02. Japan Meteorological Agency


03. Project Noah

Project Noah

Still better than John’s “Weather Forecasting Stone” (seems legit to me).

John's Weather Stone

Just some footnotes:
1: Because it was build on the platform of Google Maps.
2: If you know what you’re looking for.

Project Noah:


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