Holiday Grill & Sweet Meriendas

Following our luscious Brunch Holiday Special last December 16, we once again headed to Azalea Residences to try their Sweet Merienda and Special Holiday Grilling (happens only during yuletide season).

Among what was offered in their sweet merienda were chocolate pudding cakes, strawberry and apple fritters, strawberry and chocolate trifles, special ensaymadas and their propriety Azalea carrot cakes. These were bundled with either coffee, hot chocolate or tea.

For the Special Holiday Grilling, delight yourself with Pinoy streetfoods, hotdogs, and barbecues among others. For just 23 cents (PHP 10.00) you can already experience genuine Pinoy streetfoods and if you’re able to purchase at least 5 bucks (Php 200.00) of barbecues you’ll get free beer.

If your craving for those sweet merienda it’s available daily at Azalea’s 8 Degrees Lounge from 3 to 5 PM. While the Special Holiday Grilling happens from 3 to 6 PM starting the 26th till 30th of December.

Holidays are meant for leisure & festivity brunches, perfect cup of coffee & breakfast specials shared with the people important to you.

So let’s eat out and grill with them. Happy Holidays everyone! Cheers!

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