What I did when I was locked out of my Android phone


Simple: I hard reset it myself, but drawback was it deleted all of my notes. 😦

And I had to install back the apps manually (some of them) via the playstore.  My phone was running on an Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS, Quad core, 1 GB ram Android phone.

Android pattern lock

And so I did this; and it worked!

Behind the scenes:

Android OS, despite it’s success has also its own pitfalls. It cannot reset your locked phone WITHOUT any internet connection. Android developers should have thought of maybe finding a way to get back to connection settings if your phone happens to be locked by you, some pesky friends or maybe your kids.

Shortly after waking up, I attempted to unlock my phone via the pattern lock thingy, apparently I forgot how the pattern looks like. Did it for five times then poof! I was locked out. Phone said wait for 30 seconds, but I don’t have 30 seconds to spare. Eventually I was led to the screen that says: “too many pattern attempts” yada yada…

End of the road

I entered the username and password to no avail. Tried it for about 20 times. I gave up.

I searched the internet for: “Locked Out of Your Android Phone” that eventually returned multiple results which is too much for me to read. Some resources said that I need to call my phone via someone’s phone or connect the phone via cable with USB debugging stuff… I don’t even know what these stuff are meant. :p

After three hours I succeded in resetting my phone with a some notes as my biggest casualty.

Lesson learned:

1. Don’t ever ever forget your passcode (duh) or you’ll suffer the same fate as me. Missing out important an important day because you’re locked out of your phone.

2. Prepare to part with your data it can happen anytime. There’s a lot of work around available on the web, for you to do-it-yourself. But if it’s too much for you, and if you have the money go the service center for a factory reset.

3. My favorite part. Since I’m assuming that you have a Google account when you first had your android phone. Turn the Auto backup on for christ sake! Turn it on or say goodbye to your photos. Here’s a dad that did just that:


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