2013 AMD Year In Review

2013 is a tough year for me. Sometime that year I went through a tough break-up, been turned down by transit investors (*sigh) but enough about that. I started the year with working vacations somewhere North and sure enough I was able to see the majestic beauty of Mountain Province and its neighboring towns like Nueva Viscaya and the rest.

On the first quarter of the year I was able to see some university variety shows that has been there for a long time. Frankly, nothing much changed.

I also lost one of my pet “BigFish” probably due to old age (we have him for like 5 years) and some neighborhood feline friends. That mother cat brought all of her five kittens in my apartment door the day before a storm came. I mean, how did that mother cat knew who to trust the first time she met me? I never knew them, she never knew me either, yet they trusted me completely. That was a very big thing for me. I’m still praying up to this day that whoever has them will feed them and care for them like what I did.

Yes, I was also rejected more than 10 times in government offices since according to them I don’t have the “personality” to work with them. Sure I submitted my well crafted and executive patterned CV plus took their exams, then poof! I received a letter from all of them stating I didn’t make it. To be honest I’m not really good in corrupting the people’s money (applies to some) so I guess I’m not really fit to be in a government office.

At the later part of the year, I got an opportunity to work with Google through its outreach arm; the Google Business Group — grabbed the chance and the rest was history. We do have numerous events like social media days, business map-ups and GDays where everything “Googley” was unveiled. We’re also working on this mobile optimized website called ConnectBaguio.com where you can post anything that matters to Baguio as you have a Gmail account. Alongside with this, I also got an opportunity to work with Smart Telecommunications where I met a gorgeous PR lady and led me to discover some great sights in Baguio City. It was my first time in 25 years to step in Kennon Road’s view deck and I must admit that the view was breathtaking.

Appearing on TV twice was also a breakthrough for me, although I previously appeared on television before this one’s kinda special because a lot of my church mates saw me on TV and they were cheering for me — at least that’s what I heard from them.

During the 3rd and 4th quarter of the year, I met great and gorgeous people at Azalea Residences alongside friends from companies like Artizano, Coffee Maker Blends and more. More friends of the same interest also crossed my path when I joined the Scott Kelby’s Photo Walk where we get to shoot human interest but since I was the walk leader #2, I’ve pretty much looked upon the safety of my group so I missed shooting along the way. Anyway, it was still awesome.

From iOS I also shifted to Androdifying myself although I locked myself out of my Android phone in late December and spent like four hours figuring out how to unlock myself out.

I also got my first trip to the southern Philippines where our excursion was one-time-big-time. It was awesome. I just hope you were there with me.

It looks like a lot happened that year, but behind the camera are a lot of blank moment during that year where I contemplated on things I did or whether I’m on the right direction or simply understanding why is this all happening. I think that’s the moment where no one really knew about…

I know I haven’t done much videos last 2013 but I’ll do my best to share more 3 minute vlogs in the future**.

This year maybe full of “ouch!-that-painful” moments but it’s also filled with priceless moments. Friends I made, relationships that lasts, and most of all the time I had spent with you guys (you know who you are).

I’ve learned what really matters to me and who really matters to me and I want to thank you for all the people that supported me and to those had been silently following me on Flickr, Google Plus, Facebook, or silently reading my Tweets, Instagram etc. I just wanted to say thank you for your support. Where ever you are always remember you are appreciated all because YOU count.

Have a Happy Chinese New Year guys.

Photo credits: Sir Jonathan Javier, Sir Conrad Chan, Sir Vince Tabor, Mr. Reymart Canuel,

2013 Defining Moments:

Joyride to Sagada with university professors: http://youtu.be/0LqacVmPFiM
GDay X Baguio: http://youtu.be/eME4K_3nQWk
GDay X Gensan: http://youtu.be/n9_SWgMxzQE
GCDC Cloud Developer Challenge: http://youtu.be/lvNiFmEQO0o
Azalea food experiences
Tradisyon Pinoy Comfort Food: http://youtu.be/caAZrij5L_U
Holiday Grill & Sweet Meriendas: http://youtu.be/Suw7q1pf_l8
Instagram micro vlogs
Tradisyon Pinoy Comfort food: http://youtu.be/wm5poKlYXhI
Holiday Grill and Sweet Merienda: http://youtu.be/HeNwDH5ySkc
Mini things I love about Azalea residences: http://youtu.be/TCWTDlARcDw
KM 50, Sayangan Atok Benguet: http://youtu.be/1QVhiT5ujGo


** I’m not really sure but my plans include the release of signature Throwback Thursday (made by me – Meyer; for my college friends). A 10 week mini series in which owners of this business will also watch with us for the next 10 weeks. Or maybe release my 100 defining call center moments and 100 defining moments of college.


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